Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hazard Pay

Here is shot of Kevin after the bleeding stopped


Blood, Sweat and Urine-Sold Out at Club Fred (3/15/08)


Wow, this night was probably top 5. It involved blood, sweat, urine, not necessarily in that order. The show was officially sold out by 11pm. Head Rush (have since changed their name to HR7) started of the night with a high energy blend of ska/rock. I had never heard them before, but had always heard good things (check them out if you haven’t yet). They were followed by Clouded Vision (Sublimish reggae/punk), I think they said they’re coming out with a cd soon so check for it.
Chapter 1-The Sweat:
We hit the stage a little late but the energy in the room was primed. Without any easing in or introduction, we let the bangers fly. The dance floor was packed all night full of every shape and size moving every way they could.
Chapter 2- The Blood
Our last song was "Drunk & in Love" we did a rock n roll ending and held out the last note. I thought I was in Aerosmith and pointed the mic stand at the crowd like a gun and went First Blood on everybody. Then I swung it around to my left and it stopped mid swing. Based on the reaction of the people in the first row, I knew I didn’t hit a speaker. Instead I hit Kevin, who was playing bass, right in the forehead. He looked stunned, borderline passing out and leaned on the back wall for support. Never missing a note he was trying to figure out what happened. At that moment the blood came rushing down his face. He looked like Hulk Hogan had just just hit him with a chair in the WWE. Fortunately it was our last song, the crowd wanted more, but realized that the bass player may need some medical attention. After stopping the bleeding and putting his bass down, everyone wanted to take a picture with him which we all thought was very punk rock.
Chapter 3- The Urine
During our set a member of another band that played earlier got 86’d and wasn’t too happy. Somehow, in his drunken haze, he climbed onto the roof of Club Fred. All I know is that someone standing in front of the the club thought it was raining, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Yep, he pissed on them, from the rooftop. Yeah thats right, somebody went home that night, realizing that they really got pissed by a guy standing on the roof. The next day that person had explain the story of how they thought it was raining but they really were taking a golden shower. Needless to say that band he is in probably won’t be playing Club Fred again in this lifetime.

Also-a note to bands in general in this town. When you are done with your set, don’t take a shot on stage, don’t talk to your friends. Just get your gear off the stage. Drummers: take your entire set down, then break down off stage. Guitarist/bassist-take your gear offstage then pack it into the case. I’m from the old school of gigging where sound men and stage managers were assholes, but the shows ran on time.

Monday, March 24, 2008

40 Watt Hype featured in new film "The Grind"

The music of 40 Watt Hype will be featured in the new film "The Grind." Starring Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down), C. Thomas Howwel (Outsiders, E.T.) Tanya Allen (Silent Hill) and Danny Trejo (Desperado, Dusk till Dawn). The movie revolves around a grifter who owes money to the Mexican mafia. Written and directed by John Millea, produced by Chris Sheng and Robert Enriquez. Keep your eyes open for more info regarding "The Grind"

40 Watt Hype download #2-"Philosophy" Volume 6 (2000)

This was recorded during our live performance at the Rainbow Ballroom. It was a good night for Fresno, all the top bands performed and we were happy to be playing such an established venue. We had just changed our name from the Wack Mcs to Illphonic. So if you listen real close you can hear me reference ’if your down with Illphonic". But we discovered there was at least one other band with that same name. Peter Wolf was doing sound, recorded a few songs, so we thought we’d put it on our EP. This is my personal favorite from this disc, kinda reminds me of a Jackson 5 tune. Also one of my favorite lines for Gr8Scot "I use mind tricks to dominate the feeble, weak minded people who don’t get into the sequel/But these and the droids that you looking for, but I’m the MC to get you on the dance floor".....

Here is the link, enjoy.....

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Que rico vacilón


Here is a picture taken of the dance floor at the Crossroads 2/29/08
(Thanks Lennon and Victoria)

2/29/08 The Crossroads (Fresno, Ca)


See you at the Crossroads so you won't be lonely!!! I think of that song every time we play there. This was a "Best of Fresno" night put on by Bob Pierce. With a title like that I'm sure we are all thinking of 10 other bands that could also be on the bill. One that was supposed to be but couldn't make were Fresno legends Lets Go Bowling. I heard that part of their house burned down. I guess that would cut into your gig/rehearsal time for sure. For some reason we performed first. So we set up during happy hour, I thought I walked into a scene from "The Mask" you know that movie with Cher...As it gets closer to show time the crowd gets gradually younger and better looking. Although my favorite of the night was a happy hour hangover. She was about 275 lbs and had been drinking since before 6pm at least. She was hitting pirouettes like she was Micheal Kwan, six or seven in a row with no hesitation. It was amazing, before we went on she passed by the band while "Welcome to the Jungle" was playing on the juke box and looked into our bass player Kevins soul and starting singing that part "where do we go now, where do we go now." My beer almost came through my nose it was so funny. The Mofo Party Band and the Super Lucky Cats were also on the bill. Mofo is a very entertaining band, I like the attitude. Somehow I ended up behind the drum kit playing with them by the end of the night. There are more pics posted on the Team 40 Watt myspace page (Thanks Lennon and Victoria)

Download #1- "Hypnotized" Volume 6 (2001)

In 2000 40 Watt Hype released a demo CD called Volume 6. The idea was that the band would start with Volume 6 and work backwards to Volume 1 then break up. When we started recording the music we were still called the "Wack Mcs" so you may hear a few references, but we changed the name halfway through the recording to 40 Watt Hype. I think my voice had just dropped before this time because in earlier recordings I(awall) sound like I'm 11. "Hypnotized" is the first song on Volume 6 recorded at Peter Wolf Studios in downtown Fresno. Gr8 Scot is also on vocals, my brother Andrew is on drums and John Berg on guitar. I make a reference to my Grandmother from Holland when I say "I ain't Dutch for nuthin' like my grandma used to say." She has an interesting story, but that is for another day. The horn solos at the end are by a 15 yr old Jorge Montoy and Adan Infante. During this time we were playing house parties heavily influenced by groups like the Beastie Boys, Pharcyde, Tribe Called Quest etc.

Here is the link enjoy:
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40 Watt Hype Catalog Downloads

40 Watt Hype will be posted one song a week to be available for download. Starting from their first demo to the current recording, complete with details on the recording and interesting info. From back in the day to the new album being recorded, so people can track the development and evolution of the band.