Wednesday, December 17, 2008

40 Watt Hype meets the Border Patrol (Mexican Border)

We left San Diego to head to Flagstaff AZ. We stopped by Imperial Valley to drop off our boy Ivan who was helping us out on the trip(thanks again homie). We are into Arizona driving along the Mexican Border when we see a sign saying "Border Patrol Checkpoint ahead" I thought no big deal, they'll be looking for illegal aliens and what not, we got ID, no problem. Then we get to the check point and things look very official, K9s, homeland security, trailers etc. They stop us and I roll down the window. "where are you headed? how many people in the van? where are you coming from? are you guys in a band?" it was the last question that sealed the deal, as soon as they knew we were in a band..."would you pull over sir". The agent comes to the window and asks if they can search the van. "step out of the vehicle don't take anything with you, keep your hands where we can see them!"Now I have to be carefull about this next section as to not get anybody in more trouble than they already are. As we park the van we are realizing that there are things in the van that lots of bands have that are illegal (think Cypress Hill, Snoop) They put us under a tent (its freezing and we're all in sweats etc). The agent lets us know we are under federal jurisdiction and that any illegal substance that is found in the van will result in someone or all of us going to jail. I tried to recall the countless episodes of Cops I've seen to think what to do or say. We had to be in Flagstaff in a few hours! Out come the K9s going crazy and running through the van. The agent comes back to do one of those "if you have anything in the van, just tell us and we'll take it easy on you." On Cops the people never admit to everything they have and they always get locked up. Was it a trick question? The tone the agents use is that official cop tone, where they talk really fast then say "yes or no?" The people who had stuff told them where to find it and how much there was. Then the agent came back and started reading us our rights. I was still trying to think how we could make our gig that night....Turns out the agent kept his word and wrote up a misdemeanor for the guilty parties and let us go after processing them and writing them up. The agents admitted it was some of the best stuff they had come across in a long time. They had just arrested Lil Wayne twice for the same thing, coming into AZ and leaving AZ. note to other bands and people in general, other states are not as cool as Cali when it comes to this type of thing. Things we learned, K9s are cute as pets but scary when doing their job, Border Patrol agents should be busy stopping terrorists and securing borders rather than treating us like the gente in "No country for Old Men" and that if you really love weed and are crossing state lines, just keister it.


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