Monday, November 03, 2008

VOTE NOV 4th!!

For all the people who have been stuck on myspace/facebook or haven't taken a breather from texting eachother or watching "The Hills" this is a notice----there is a national election tomorrow that will elect the next president. The candidates are Barack Obama and John McCain. Also the propositions are in full effect. So don't be an ill informed, unmotivated, complaining but not participating young person and get your overly stimulated, ADHD ass to the polls. so before you make another sad face or write LOL or OMG or make the face with the tongue coming out the side. pretend like your 1000 texts a month depended on it. Or that the next president might make myspace taxable income. Go speak your mind! (no you cannot text your vote or submit your vote through a myspace comment, you have to physically go outside to your local polling place, where other real people with direct you to cast your ballot. remember what the great political analyst dj ez dick said "get the d(^ out your throat and go vote!!"


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