Monday, January 28, 2008

12/1/07 Starline (Fresno, Ca)

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As winter sets in and the Rams playoffs hopes diminished its time to hit the stage and hit the bottle and the Starline. Rapper Chuck Dimes opened the show with a 30 min set then we took the stage ready to have a good time. Talented percussionist Richard Juarez sat in on La Sombra and we had a drum duel that ended with him holding the cymbal stand above my head so I had to jump to hit the crash cymbal. Lots of dancing, singing and general carousing. This picture was taken after we finished up. and to all a good night.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

10/19/07 Elbo Room (San Francisco, Ca)

We hit up the Elbo Room with our boys from the north the Bayonics. This venue is dope, if you are in or around SF check it out. Of course like all places in SF there is no parking and you may be surrounded by fairweather Giant fans (the only city in the world that likes Barry Bonds). We rocked a quick 60 min set and got the crowd involved as the opener should. Bayonics came on a killed as usual, great sound, great guys.

10/12/07 Starline (Fresno, Ca)

Back to the Starline in the good ole NO!! King Suger opened the show (my brother Matt plays bass with them) with that rocksteady goodness. It was also my sisters birthday so it was a family affair. We played a song I wrote for my daughter called "Just for You" if I figure out how to post mp3s I'll post it for download. Even though the paper published the wrong date and there was a huge football game the same night we had a great show. Anybody have any pics?

Friday, January 04, 2008

10/6/07 Cabo Wabo (Lake Tahoe Ca)

We stayed at the Block Hotel which is a young persons paradise hotel. Upon check in we took a shot of whiskey and they had free PBR. They have pool, porn, internet and PS2s in all the rooms. We stayed in the Delta 9ine room (Thanks Jason) and lounged around playing FIFA all day. Our gear was already set up so we had more time to chill. Threw a little dice played a little blackjack, weather was beautiful too. Our second night at Cabo Wabo was just as crazy as the first. Hopefully we'll be back there soon, it's a fun place to play. How can you go wrong? tahoe. gambling. music. snowboarding. booze etc. Thank you tahoe we love you goodnight!!!

10/5/07 Cabo Wabo (Lake Tahoe CA)

Cabo Wabo is a club in Harrahs Casino on the strip in South Lake Tahoe. We love Lake Tahoe, even better when you have a great gig there. We show up to load in to find out that the club has no sound whatsoever. There was a miscommunication between our booking agent and their manager. For the next 2 hours I was calling bands I knew in Tahoe trying to come up with a PA. I got a hold of Aaron Hagar (sammy hagars son) who strangely happened to be in Fresno doing a show. He kindly volunteered to take our PA from Fresno to Tahoe after his gig. After I arranged a complicated load in spot for him as my battery was dying and he was about to go on stage, I walked inside the casino and the manager told me that they swiped some sound gear from Paul Anka and we could use that for the weekend. Wheewww!!! There is nothing worse than showing up to a show and having the "I thought you had sound" conversation. We sound checked and dipped into our first of three sets. We had a blast. I think the first night I counted 5 bachelorette parties and people were on a mission to puke that night. Wish I had photos, there would have been some gems.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Just what I was afraid of......

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Here is Selena ( yeah you can say it like the movie "Salina'ssss!") I was hoping she would be ugly so that no boys would like her but I would think she was cute because she is my daughter. But no luck, she is gorgeous and luckily Wal-Mart has an easily accessible gun selection including shotguns etc. which I may need sooner than I thought.

9/27/07 My baby girl is born

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On September 27th 2007 at 6:40 in the morning my baby girl Selena Marie Sotelo Wall was born. The most beautiful and amazing thing I've ever seen. Just what I was afraid of..... a girl, and a beautiful girl. Lots of hair, doesn't look anything like me. She came a month early but she is catching up with the rest of the nursery.

9/7/07 G St Pub (Davis Ca)

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We took the scenic drive from Ukiah to Davis while our guitar player puked out the side of the van. If I even hear the sound of wretching or puking I start to dry heave and it is a down ward spiral. We picked him up a couple of tall boys to chase his blues away and headed into town. We had some time to kill so we unloaded at the venue, ordered some hot wings and bloody mary's. After that we headed down to the Davis campus to throw the football and baseball around. Some college kids approached us for a game of football. 4 musicians after a round of wings and bloody mary's versus 2 track runners, 1 soccer player and 1 other dude. Long story short we won after an unbelievable effort 40 watt came out on top, then we invited them to the gig but they were too young to get in. Here is a shot from the stage as the crowd starts to set it off.

9/6/07 Ukiah Brewery (Ukiah Ca.)

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Ukiah is a beautiful little town with a very cool venue called the Ukiah Brewery. As you can tell from the picture it is a down homey yet distinctively hippie atmosphere. Just assume everything there is healthy and organic. When you order from the menu there are constant reminders that you are eating organic burgers, salads etc. I think we used organic microphones that nights and the speaker cords were woven out of hemp. We had a blast, the crowd was a little light but those in attendance and the staff were amazing. They told us to come back after "harvest" is over and the place would be packed. If you're wondering what they harvest read this post again from the top.

9/1/07 Starline (Fresno, Ca)

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Back at Starline with Jay Rossette on guitar and Pat Olvera on bass so we were excited to get into it. Here is a picture of the bun in the oven, don't know the sex, but names are picked. Had to get baby to a show so the bass can penetrate the womb. We had a great night and nobody puked......

Awall w/ Robin Thicke and I other name dropping stories

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Here I am backstage at the Warfield (a dope venue in SF) with Robin Thicke after his show. I also was able to hang out with legendary drummer Dave Getz from Big Brother and the Holding Company (Janis Joplin). If you look at the pictures in the lobby you'll see Dave with Janice back in the day. If your feet don't hurt from all this name dropping I also kicked it with Robin Thicke and his band for a couple shows opening for Beyonce.

8/30/07 On the Rox (Hollywood, Ca)

Back in la la land where bands pay to play and the doormen look like Barry Bonds. But not On the Rox which is upstairs above The Roxy. We've never payed to play anywhere so this is the closest to playing the Roxy as we get. Its a cool little spot small but the atmosphere unique. There happens to be a pole located on the dance floor in front of the stage, which will be used by the end of the night. There is something about poles that drunk chicks can't resist. The inner stripper is brought to life with some cran vodka and we all pay the agonizing price of watching the next you tube moment unfold from the stage. We hooked up with our Bay Area brothers the Bayonics and local rapper Ray Ricky Rivera. Rivera brought his usual East LA golden era of hip hop energy. Then I get a phone call. Half of the Bayonics ran out of gas on the grapevine( and by half I mean 8). Before our set a cop came into the club and took my brother out. I ran downstairs to see what the deal was. I found a guy on a stretcher would looked like a mummy. He had gotten cracked over the head with a champagne bottle. Appearantly my brother looked like the culprit. After we cleared that up we hit the stage for our 45 min set. That is a breeze compared to the usual 3 hr affairs. As predicted the pole was used for unsavory purposes by a middle aged women. Bright spot of the night was seeing Moluptous Monica our favorite LA friend and her homegirl. Bayonics killed and the night was done. Thanks you los angeles!