Saturday, November 01, 2008

1031/08 Babylon (Fresno, Ca)

Aw yes, Halloween at the Babylon in Fresno, Ca.....We've done Halloween shows in Durango, CO, Gunnison CO, and Sun Valley ID and this one was no different. The thing about Halloween shows and Halloween in general after the age of 18 or so is that it is an excuse for girls to wear the things the wish they could wear everyday in public. But now they have a reason....its halloween. Its time to dress up as a sexy- fill in the blank "What are you dressed up as?" "I am a sexy nurse"...."What are you?" I am a sexy vampire" ....."What are you? "I am a sexy homeless person"... "what are you?" "I am a sexy special needs child." Don't get me wrong no one is complaining, but ladies lets get a little more creative with the costumes. From the fellas I saw a few joker/nurses, ghouls, baseball players, a 6 ft genitals complete with all anatomical parts. As a band Sean was dead Elvis on the toilet, JD was a bag of weed, DP was a mad scientist, Kevin was a bud plant and I was Billy Ray Deville the redneck glam rocker. More Than Without opened the show, they do a dead on Sublime, a couple times I thought jukebox was playing. O.C.T. from San Diego followed up with a high energy set that got the crowd moving. The night was behind schedule so we didn't hit until about 12:45 so we didn't have a whole lot of time to bang. The costume contest was pushed back and the crowd wanted us to play more but it was out of our hands. It is pretty surreal to be onstage getting yelled at by a drunken Elvis and headless monster to play more! Here is a shot from the drumset of the crowd....
Halloween @ Babylon 08
pour one for the homies
Elvis and Billy Ray Deville


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