Thursday, December 18, 2008

12/13/08 Private Party (Las Vegas, NV)

The weather was pretty stormy from Flagstaff to Vegas. Of course we got stopped again before the Hoover Dam by some security agency. This time we had nothing in the van, the officer tried to shake me down for a CD (I don't think he believed we were in a band). We were definitely profiled on this trip. It was very stormy in Las Vegas when we rolled into town. Unfortunately most of what happened in Vegas I can't write about for fear of our future generations reading this blog in 50 years. Some band members were in bed and asleep by 11pm, other band members were at the tables until we left town at 9am. There were cards, dice rolling, partying with bull riders, a run in with a couple prostitutes and lots of Beautiful(a kind of drink). By the end of the night one of us was puking and simultaneously laughing hysterically. It was a blast, but by 9am we had to leave town.

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