Monday, December 15, 2008

12/11/08-710 Beach Club (San Diego, Ca)

We roll into Pacific Beach to the 710 Beach Club, which is located right on the....beach. We walk in to what felt like a commercial for the NFL network(we have video clips online). The place is PACKED with Chicago Bears fans watching the Thursday night game Bears vs. Saints on a bunch of big screen TVs. Take one dash of "da bears" skit from SNL, add a touch of frat party, a sprinkle of San Diego chill and a heavy dose of beer and thats where we were. We weren't supposed to go on until 10:30pm but the manager approached us and insisted we go on right after the game ended so the crowd would stay for the rest of the night. Its around 8:30pm, I don't know if we have ever played a show starting at 8:30pm. When we got there the Bears were up by 10 and everyone was in a great mood. As we load in and start setting up I notice the Saints on a drive. They score, the mob starts to get restless, and so do we. We set up and are line checking and Kyle Orton throws a pick....the score is tied and going to over time. I'm thinking, this night is gonna be really good or really bad depending on the outcome of this game. It goes to overtime, we are ready to play as soon as they give us the sign. The room is on edge, the Bears win the toss, I see a lone Saints fan pacing in the back. This crowd is living and dying with every play. The Bears get within field goal range. We all became Bears fans at that moment, because if he makes this field goal the night will be a success. Snap, the hold, the kick is.....goooooood! Crowd goes wild, cue the band, time to party! Also on the bill was OCT and Four Kings of San Diego, thanks to everyone who came out to see us, see you next time.


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