Sunday, September 21, 2008

9/19/08 Starline (Fresno, Ca)

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Starline was buzzin at about 10pm, its always a good sign when there is a line before the doors open. There was a new bartender who got bad reviews but, people were getting hammered regardless of who was servin em up. HR7 started of the night with a tight set with a lot of enthusiasm. We went on at about 11 or so and debuted 2 new songs, one instrumental. Lots of very good looking new faces. I must saw that I think we at least have the best looking following in Fresno. If anyone has pictures post em up and let us know where we can find them. DB and the Struggle closed out the night with a soulful and eclectic set. Aside from a pregnant woman falling into a hole near the restroom and one of the other bands firing half the group, there was no drama to report. I've signed a lot of items in the past, cds, t-shirts, stickers etc. but a notable first happened when I signed my first pair of panties, two of them actually. We have these hot pink girls panties, with sucka free written across the butt and a 40 on the hip. sexy and stylish, you should pick one up for your old lady. I wasn't quite sure where to sign them, I guess I could have been creative, but i went for the waist band. Thanks to everyone for coming out, we appreciate it more than you realize.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

9/19/08 Great Day Morning Show

The staff at the Great Day Morning show have to show up for work at 5am, so I 'm not going to complain about us having to show up at 6:00am. after a long hiatus 40 Watt Hype returns to morning television. yes there were the rumors that the conservative higher ups at the station didn't want us because we were "rap music", but those were laid to rest at about 6:30am when we ripped into our first song. I must say Kopi is the same on air and off the air, very energetic (but I'll never forgive him for accidentally calling us 40 hot wipe) and Kim is very easy on the eyes in person. We played about 6 full songs and tons of teases(into, out of commercials) so it was well worth it. Every once in a while we would do a short interview. The staff is very cool especially Chris and Armando, thanks to everyone involved for making it a fun morning. Here is a clip of us on the show playing the brand new cut "Only the Strong Survive"....... 1&h1=40 Watt Hype Gets Things Rockin' In Studio B

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

8/22/08 Arte Americas (Fresno, Ca)

Friday Night Concerts in the Plaza at Arte Americas!!! Its become an annual tradition. Arte Americas is a special place for the Valley and California as well, quality people. This show is for a different part of our fan base. Its an earlier show and its outdoors, so it allows us to showcase a different side of the band. We played a few new tunes and remixed some older ones. We had the full band complete with 3 horns. The legendary GTL crew did a graffiti exhibit indoors to coincide with the show. Arte is one of the only places I can think of that would put on a graffiti exhibition and promote it as art, as it should be. Despite the non existent coverage in the Fresno Bee we had a great crowd (although they wrote a paragraph about a female duo that was doing a free show at Wet Seal at 2pm AT THE MALL!!) but everybody already knows that the realness always goes down at the Wet, kinda makes you wonder, anyways, Here is a stage shot from the crowd.Arte stage shot

7/12/08 Engallmenn Cellars Best of Fresno Festival

Thanks to everyone who put on this great event, which has even greater potential. It was well organized and on time which is very rare. We were glad to be selected to perform and be one of the "best of Fresno." its always a weird thing when you put that title on something, because immediately people start naming who was left out. I know its the cool thing to do now a days, every magazine or stupid show on MTV has the "top 10 ....." insert "crazy moments on TV/best 80s action movies/way to know if your man is cheating/ways to lose weight etc." People are drawn to that, I get it. Were there bands missing that are great? yes. But you have to break down what makes a band great. Is it fan support/draw? talent? performance? notoriety? Of course the cop out answer is all of the above. If you have the people vote for the best bands, the band with the most friends/fans willing to vote will win. If you have writers pick the bands they will play favorites and if the club owners pick the bands they will go on fan support. Its a tough call, i'm glad i just have to show up and play music. back to the festival. it was hot, but not miserable. The venue is beautiful, big lawn, lots of tents, misters, food, drinks. They had 2 stages alternating between bands. Wine tasting y todo. The crowd was decent, but people were hesitant to try out a new venue and also afraid to pay $15. $15 for 10 BANDS!!! most people don't sneeze at dropping $15 on the new blend of starbucks coffee, but $15 for a local all day music festival featuring some of the best bands we have to offer....uh, can i get on the guest list? Thanks to Bob Pierce for taking a chance and actually doing something that most people in the creative community only talk about.