Friday, May 25, 2007

5/11/07 Crossroads (Fresno, Ca)

The Crossroads is emerging as one of the most unlikely venues to become the spot to rock. Its a destination location(in other words you have to drive to it, no foot traffic) and its called the Crossroads, thats two strikes. But, they are bringing in regional and national acts and have built up a great reputation. This particular night Fusion Porn opened up the show (former members of Mynis) and the Jay Rossette Project followed. They were banging and the sound was on point. In case anyone passed out at the last Starline show they could get up to date at the Crossroads, since we played some of the same songs. I gotta say, big ups to the Crossroads for reppin Cedar and Shields and keeping Fresno diverse.

5/6/07 Fulton Mall (Fresno, Ca)

CInco de Mayo Weekend! The Fulton Mall in downtown Fresno was packed with vendors, food and 3 stages of music ranging from Mariachi to Romance to 40 Watt Hype. We performed on Sunday the 6th but the party had been raging since the 5th. Thanks t 107.9 La Kalle for putting us on, we had great time. We wanted to play an event that wasn't the modern commercialized ciinco de mayo garbage. The day has been turned into one big Corona commercial with hot chicks in cutoff soccer jerseys dancing with beers in their hands. Nevermind the batalla against the French and the importance of average people uniting to stand for something and holding off an empire. Even though they lost the war it isn't about winning anything. Its about the common people using strength in numbers and courage to put up a fight against the powerful.....hhmmmmm sounds familiar, like we could all use a bit of cinco de mayo considering the war in Iraq, consumerism and the commercialization of culture. I don't mean to get all Zach de la Rocha on it, but lets all put our Tecate lights and taco party trays down and think about it.....

4/27/07 Starline (Fresno, Ca)

We brought our friends from SF, the Bayonics, to open up the show. They almost missed their start time because we had to pull them away from the Golden State Warrior game. These guys bring the heat. Big band(10 I think), Timba, Funk, Hip-Hop, very fun group, defenitely check them out whenever you get a chance. We took the stage and debuted a few new tracks and a cover. We performed the new tune "Can U Dig?" which went over well, and also did a S.O.S. "Bulls on Parade" mashup that took everyone by surprise, including our guitar player. Overall it was one of those nights when everyone got really wasted so they probably ended up forgetting what a great night it was at one point. Pace yourself folks, you'll get there, just pace yourself. Afterwards we kicked it with Bayonics, someone got arrested in front of the club. Its not a real party till someone gets popped.

40 Watt Wedding Bells

40 Watt Nuptials
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40 Watt Hype percussionist Jared Dyar and Brooke Parmer tied the know on April 14th! Congratulations to you both, you deserve all the happiness in the world. It was a 40 Watt party never the less. Producer Art Hodge was in attendance as well as all the band members, looking proper. I (awall) was honored to be the best man, we all had a blast.

wedding crashers

awall and jd
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awall & jd

4/7/07 Club Fred (Fresno, Ca)

Back at Club Fred for the first time in over 2 years. For those of you who don't know the previous version of this landmark Fresno venue was sold and the staff and vision was changed. Less bands, more DJs, less locals, more drama. Every aspect of the club took a turn for the worst. It came to a climax when someone was shot and killed inside the club. I live down the street from Club Fred and I remember people running down the street screaming and helicopters circling. Something like that could happen anywhere, that isn't the reason we haven't played there in 2 years. Needless to say there is a lot of negative energy in that room that needed to be cleansed. Rumor has it that the owner bought the club to impress his young boyfriend, who evidently wasn't impressed and subsequently and thankfully the club was sold again and is back in good hands. Adam Lee was doing sound and the vibe inside was back to normal. They still need to get rid of the blue shag carpet on the stage and bring back the wall of Freds but we finally got our old place back.

3/10/07 Starline (Fresno, Ca)

3/10/07 Starline
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40 Watt Hype plus Rogue Festival after party equals fire marshall and a lot of broken bottles. The Rogue Festival is a fringe arts festival and is becoming a nationally renowned event in Fresno. We were excited to cap off the success of the Rogue Festival at the Starline and celebrate the arts and music of Fresno. This is shot of the crowd before we started our set, it was wall to wall front to back....ahhhh good times.

3/8/07 Frog & Peach (San Luis Obispo, Ca)

Thursday night in San Luis Obispo, where college students have their senses overloaded with the weather, women, leisure, bars, zero crime, a care free existence. What a better place to get wasted and endulge in downtown SLO. Lots of guys walking around with jeans and flip flops, lots of sun kissed girls going "whoooo" and slapping each other on the butt. while doing the white chick sex dance. At the Frog & Peach you get more locals, which we all appreciate so we don't have to try to field requests for Sublime and Maroon 5. After our first set we talked to some people who all suggest that we play at Downtown Brew (used to be called SLO Brew). Thanks for the advice, its usable. Most of the time people give suggestions like "have you ever thought about going on American Idol?' or "you should open up for the Black Eyed Peas." I know there are just trying to help, but do ther really think its that easy. I was a struggling artist until this drunk guy at the Frog % Peach told me to open up for Rage Against the Machine, then everything changed. It would be like me telling them in return "you should open up a successful chain of restaurants nationwide." Its the thought that counts...right?

2/23/07 Grant & Green (San Francisco, Ca)

Grant & Green is a dope little spot in North Beach in Little Italy. Like every other spot in SF there is no parking but the atmosphere makes up for the frustration. Ray Ricky Rivera opened up the show(Emcee from LA) with a nice set, check him out when you can. We had a pretty good night. Its free admission so you get a lot of people in and out, walking by the window checking it out then being drawn in. Usually it rains when we play the G&G, which kills a night in San Francisco. You would think that people in SF would be used to it. If it rained this time, we would've taken it as a sign and moved on. It was fun, we met some new people and it didn't rain so....success?