Thursday, October 05, 2006

9/15/06 Starline (Fresno, Ca)

Damn it felt good to get home. Familiar surroundings etc. It is pretty weird, for more than 2 weeks the routine is down....wake up drive the the next town, check in, go the venue, sound check, eat, play and do it again. Then you come home and don't know what to do with yourself. Starline was packed and the Jay Rossette Project opened the show with a jamming set. They got the crowd up and primed. With no time to waste we went right into Strong Feet on the Concrete and didn't look back. Ricky wowed the crowd with his talk box solo on several tunes, and we had some tricks up the sleave we worked out on tour. I don't know what happened to Beandip, they were supposed to close out the night. I called out for them but nobody said anything, so we kept playing. If anyone has any pictues let me know.....

9/14/06 Winstons (San Diego, Ca)

The night show looked promising. We took afternoon naps and ate well before we showed up. Sound checked and waited for the people to show. Got some food down the street in Ocean Beach. Its a trip, lots of people asking for food, money or hemp. While your eating people will ask you if you're going to finish your burrito...then when you say yeah, they look at you like you're a greedy CEO. And these aren't the real homeless kids these are the kids with rich parents who think its noble to move the beach, and act poor or disadvantaged and beg...I mean barter for money/food/hemp. People like that will turn the most liberal thinking person into a red state republican. The show was long and the crowds was light. Its the kind of night where you play for 3 hours and in the last 15 min 20 drunk people show up from another bar and do that drunk grind dance with the nearset know that dance were they are so faded, but have that porno look on their face and in their mind they are grinding like R Kelly, but in reality they're dry humping someones leg. This crowd of people always show up after we have been playing our asses off for over three hours, and get mad when we are finished. "Aww, you can't stop now, we just got here, c'mon a couple more." Depending on the night we will play a couple more, but it pisses us off either way. Lots of people get bands confused with juke boxes.

9/14/06 SDSU (San Diego, Ca)

San Diego State University is an amazing campus, how any warm blooded male gets any studying done or goes to class is a medical marvel. With that said, the show went well, the weather was beautiful, and the response was great. The sound man was a grumpy old man who didn't really like us too well, but I can understand, he probably spends his time gazing at the girls on campus day in and day out, and all any one ever wants out of him is more monitor. For the first time ever, someone in the crowd thought we sounded like Linkin Park.....I was speechless. In another stunning revelation a girl thought Bronson was thirty years old. After the comment he went directly to Jessica's house and shaved his beard, and shave about ten years off as well. We kicked back at a friends house(thanks Jessica) before we headed to Ocean Beach to play at Wintons.