Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Low...ri...der...Drives a little slower

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Kearney Park was invaded by lowriders, classics, trucks, bikes, 40 Watt Hype and a whole lot of people Saturday afternoon. People may complain about Fresno, but as far as car shows go, this is how WE DO IT! 40 Watt Hype had everybody bobbing their head, from the old school veteranos to the young ones. We couldn't resist playing our rendition of "Lowrider", Ricky went into a Santana-esque guitar solo and we all followed. After our set, DJ Lady Tribe got on the 1's and 2's. Then there was the bikini contest, which turned into a "lets pour beer and water on these chicks as they get compelety naked." It is hard to pick a winner when there are no bikini's to be seen. We couldn't perform our second set due to the fact that the stage was soaked in alchohol. So we took our tour around the park to check out all the rides. Fresno was defenitely in full effect. Planet Asia got on stage at one point. Sole Profit also rocked a set(he's recently signed to Sony/Columbia). No fights, just family, music, cars and naked girls getting beer poured on them.

Raider Nation

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Chillin w/ Sole Profit

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sittin low

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Friday, May 06, 2005

6 degrees from San Diego/40 Watt scuffle

San Diego is one of the best cities in Cali. Great music, food, weather and people. Our time in San Diego was like 6 degrees of seperation. Follow me: Freddie Gonzalez is a trumpet player who sits in with us when we're in SD, Freddie studied with trumpet master(and former Fresnan) Gilbert Castellanos. Gilbert Castellanos went to Roosevelt high school and studied under Salsa director Steve Alcala. Steve Alcala directed myself(awall, Bronson(bass), Gabriel(trpt), Adan(Tbone) and Sean(drummer) in salsa bands in previous years. Are you still with me? On Wednesday(May 4th) we played Blind Melons in Pacific Beach. We show up at 9:30 to load in/sound check and discover we're the only band on the bill. We dug deep into the playbook and rocked it till 1:00am. The crowd showed up around 10:30 and set if off. 6 degrees part 2: Mike Atesapt from the salsa band Prisa sat in on La Sombra and ripped a whole in the timbales. (Mike is a former Fresnan who also sits in with my salsa band Son Acento, Freddie the trumpet player also plays with Mike in Prisa). OK enough of that. Lots of girls themselves. Fellas, girls should never be dancing by themselves. Do the old 1-2, side step or just stand there and you will look like Dolemite by default. By the time 1:00 rolled around we were playing for the soundman, bouncer, bartender and the.....the general manager. Note to bands: always play your ass off because you never know who is watching. After the show we went to a taco shop and almost went home in a paddy wagon. While waiting for our tortas and tacos a heated encounter with some drunken idiots began. It became apearant that these mental giants didn't want to get pounced on by the 40 Watt show, and the Fred Durst look alikes went back to alpha gamma or theta or whatever house the came from. The next day on Cinco de Mayo we played San Diego City College indoors (due to the rain). The crowd really dug it and we met a lot of really cool folks. We hope to see everyone we met again next time we're in town, even the fred durst look a likes.