Saturday, September 20, 2008

9/19/08 Great Day Morning Show

The staff at the Great Day Morning show have to show up for work at 5am, so I 'm not going to complain about us having to show up at 6:00am. after a long hiatus 40 Watt Hype returns to morning television. yes there were the rumors that the conservative higher ups at the station didn't want us because we were "rap music", but those were laid to rest at about 6:30am when we ripped into our first song. I must say Kopi is the same on air and off the air, very energetic (but I'll never forgive him for accidentally calling us 40 hot wipe) and Kim is very easy on the eyes in person. We played about 6 full songs and tons of teases(into, out of commercials) so it was well worth it. Every once in a while we would do a short interview. The staff is very cool especially Chris and Armando, thanks to everyone involved for making it a fun morning. Here is a clip of us on the show playing the brand new cut "Only the Strong Survive"....... 1&h1=40 Watt Hype Gets Things Rockin' In Studio B


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